Number Line

My whiteboard needed some repair work last week. This was good news for me, as it resulted in a few new panels being installed (long overdue) due to holes in the previous panels. Part of the repair process involves removing the wooden frame of the board. To do this, my number line had to be torn off of the board… Such a shame, as I’ve had it for years. Even moved school then moved back again (long story) and the number line survived.

What remained. Don’t mean to be negative, but this can’t really be used, can it?
This is what the number line looks like.

I particularly like having a number line at the front of my classroom, because it means I can easily model arithmetic with negative numbers. Students find it useful too.

I am sure I have the original version of this number line as a Word document, somewhere, but I cannot find it. I particularly like it because it has the Amazon Prime logo for the prime numbers (very clever), a square around the square numbers and a triangle around the triangular numbers. Everyone’s favourite number is also given special mention: π, which is given as approximately 3.14159265…

I couldn’t find the original, and a plea for help on Twitter returned no result. So I made my own. If you are the person who made the original of this, please accept my apologies.

You can download the Word document version here and a PDF version here.


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